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Alchemy is probably the cheapest profession in WoW retail and WoW classic. This procedure will lead you to level up fast your Alchemy from level 1 to 450.

Shopping or Farming Material List (Level 1-435)

You won’t receive skill points each time as there are a lot yellow recipes in the procedure. So PvPCart team added 20-25 extra herbs for most part of those recipes, you probably need to get a few more in some worst cases. Seldom happens.

Classic and TBC (1-350)

66-70x Peacebloom 

66-70x Silverleaf

86-96x Empty Vial

100-110x Briarthorn

36-40x Bruiseweed

86-100x Leaded Vial

22-26x Mageroyal

56-60x Stranglekelp

36-40x Liferoot

36-40x Kingsblood

32-36x Goldthorn

5-8x Wild Steelbloom

76-80x Sungrass

16-22x Khadgar’s Whisker

122-130x Crystal Vial

4-6x Iron Bar

1-2x Black Vitriol

4-6x Purple Lotus

5-8x Firebloom

46-52x Arthas’ Tears

62-66x Blindweed

76-80x Golden Sansam

42-45x Mountain Silversage

106-110x Imbued Vial

36-41x Felweed

18x Golden Sansam / 18x Dreamfoil / 18x Mountain Silversage (you only need 18 from one)

32-35x Golden Sansam

5-8x Terocone

46-50x Dreaming Glory

11-15x Netherbloom

WotLK (350-450)

25-28x Talandra’s Rose

6x Pygmy Suckerfish

92-95x Goldclover

36-40x Tiger Lily

35-40x Adder’s Tongue

22-30x Icethorn

42-45x Lichbloom

57-60x Saronite Bar

(5x Dark Jade, 5x Huge Citrine, 5x Eternal Fire) OR (5x Bloodstone, 5x Chalcedony, 5x Eternal Air)

Some items in above list can be bought in Silvermoon City, Ghostlands, Stormwind City, The Exodar, The Barrens , and Tirisfal Glades

level 435 – 450 part is not included in the shopping list as there are many flasks and transmutes you can make. After you reach level 435, then it’s ok to decide which flasks.

Alchemy Profession Trainers

Classic Trainers (1-300)

Horde trainers:

Yelmak in Orgrimmar.

Doctor Herbert Halsey in Undercity.

Bena Winterhoof in Thunder Bluff

Camberon in Silvermoon City

Alliance trainers:

Tally Berryfizz in Ironforge.

Lilyssia Nightbreeze in Stormwind City.

Ainethil in Darnassus.

Lucc in The Exodar.

TBC Alchemy Trainers (300-350)

You can learn the TBC Alchemy skill from the Master Alchemy trainers at Outland.

Alliance: Alchemist Gribble in Hellfire Peninsula.

Horde: Apothecary Antonivich in Hellfire Peninsula.

Both factions can learn it from Lorokeem in Shattrath City.

Alchemy Trainers in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

These list all the locations for Level 375-450 trainers in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, divided into Alliance, Horde, and Neutral trainers.

Alliance Alchemy Trainers

Alliance-only trainers are located in the two Alliance cities in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.

Falorn Nightwhisper, Borean Tundra, Valiance Keep, /way 57.8, 71.8

Lanolis Dewdrop, Howling Fjord, Valgarde, /way 58.4, 62.2

Horde Alchemy Trainers

Horde-only trainers are located in the two Horde cities in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.

Arthur Henslowe, Borean Tundra, Warsong Hold, /way 41.8, 54.2

Wilhelmina Renel, Howling Fjord, Vengeance Landing, /way 78.6, 28.6

Neutral Alchemy Trainers

All Dalaran profession trainers are Neutral; some other trainers can be found in other areas.

Linzy Blackbolt, Dalaran, Magus Commerce Exchange, /way 42.4, 32.0

Crystal Brightspark, Icecrown, Argent Tournament, /way 71.6, 21.0

Alchemy Level 1-450 Leveling in WotLK


65x Minor Healing Potion – 65 Peacebloom, 65 Silverleaf, 65 Empty Vial

Please keep them away, you need them later

65 – 110

65x Lesser Healing Potion – 65 Minor Healing Potion, 65 Briarthorn

110 – 140

35x Healing Potion – 35 Bruiseweed, 35 Briarthorn, 35 Leaded Vial

Expert Alchemy

Visit your trainer and learn Expert Alchemy. (Requires level 20)

140 – 155

20x Lesser Mana Potion – 20 Mageroyal, 20 Stranglekelp, 20 Empty Vial

This recipe will be yellow for the last 10 points, so you might have to make a few extra.

Make Fire Oil if you don’t have Stranglekelp or if Firefin Snapper is cheap. You could also continue to make more Healing Potion.

155 – 185

35x Greater Healing Potion – 35 Liferoot, 35 Kingsblood, 35 Leaded Vial

If you made Fire Oil, you could use it to make Elixir of Firepower

185 – 210

30x Elixir of Agility – 30 Stranglekelp, 30 Goldthorn, 30 Leaded Vial

Artisan Alchemy

Visit your trainer and learn Artisan Alchemy. (Requires level 35)

210 – 215

5x Elixir of Greater Defense – 5 Steelbloom, 5 Goldthorn, 5 Leaded Vial

215 – 230

15x Superior Healing Potion – 15 Sungrass, 15 Khadgar’s Whisker, 15 Crystal Vial

230 – 231

1x Philosopher’s Stone – 4 Iron Bar, 1 Black Vitriol, 4 Purple Lotus, 4 Firebloom

You will need this for Alchemy transmutes, so keep it. (don’t have to equip it)

The recipe is sold by Alchemist Pestlezugg in Tanaris.

231 – 265

45x Elixir of Detect Undead – 45 Arthas’ Tears, 45 Crystal Vial

265 – 285

30x Superior Mana Potion – 60 Sungrass, 60 Blindweed, 30 Crystal Vial

285 – 300

20x Major Healing Potion – 40 Golden Sansam, 20 Mountain Silversage, 20 Crystal Vial

300 – 315

Make 15 from one of these:

15x Volatile Healing Potion – 15 Golden Sansam, 15 Felweed

15x Adept’s Elixir – 15 Dreamfoil, 15 Felweed

15x Onslaught Elixir – 15 Mountain Silversage, 15 Felweed

315 – 330

25x Elixir of Healing Power – 25 Golden Sansam, 25 Dreaming Glory

330 – 335

5x Elixir of Draenic Wisdom – 5 Terocone, 5 Felweed

Make Mad Alchemist’s Potion if you have a lot of Ragveil.

335 – 340

5x Super Healing Potion – 10 Netherbloom, 5 Felweed

Make the previous recipe 5 more times if you don’t have Netherbloom.

340 – 350

10x Super Mana Potion – 20 Dreaming Glory, 10 Felweed

Recipe: Super Mana Potion is sold by Daga Ramba and Haalrun.

WotLK Classic Alchemy (350-450)

350 – 360

10x Resurgent Healing Potion – 20 Goldclover

360 – 365

5x Icy Mana Potion – 10 Talandra’s Rose

365 – 375

10x Spellpower Elixir – 10 Goldclover, 10 Tiger Lily

375 – 380

5x Pygmy Oil – 5 Pygmy Suckerfish

380 – 385

5x Potion of Nightmares – 5 Goldclover, 10 Talandra’s Rose

385 – 395

12x Elixir of Mighty Strength – 24 Tiger Lily

395 – 400

5x Elixir of Mighty Agility – 10 Goldclover, 10 Adder’s Tongue

400 – 401

1x Northrend Alchemy Research – 10 Goldclover, 10 Adder’s Tongue, 4 Talandra’s Rose, 4 Enchanted Vial

401 – 405

One of these two:

7x Elixir of Mighty Agility – 14 Goldclover, 14 Adder’s Tongue

7x Elixir of Mighty Thoughts – 14 Deadnettle, 7 Talandra’s Rose

405 – 415

10x Indestructible Potion – 20 Icethorn

415 – 425

This recipe turns green at 422, so you might need to make more than 20.

20x Runic Mana Potion – 20 Goldclover, 40 Lichbloom

425 – 430

7x Transmute: Titanium – 56 Saronite Bar

You will need a Philosopher’s Stone for transmutes. The recipe is sold by Alchemist Pestlezugg in Tanaris.

430 – 435

Make 5 from one of these:

5x Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond – 5x Dark Jade, 5x Huge Citrine, 5x Eternal Fire

5x Transmute: Skyflare Diamond – 5x Bloodstone, 5x Chalcedony, 5x Eternal Air

435 – 450

Make 15 from one of the Flask Recipes.

15x Flask of Endless Rage – 105 Lichbloom, 45 Goldclover, 15 Frost Lotus

15x Flask of Pure Mojo – 105 Icethorn, 45 Pygmy Oil, 15 Frost Lotus

15x Flask of Stoneblood – 105 Lichbloom, 45 Crystallized Life, 15 Frost Lotus

15x Flask of the Frost Wyrm – 75 Icethorn, 75 Lichbloom, 15 Frost Lotus

You can also keep making Transmute: Skyflare Diamond up to 441.


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