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Wrath of the Lich King is the 2nd expansion of World of Warcraft, and it's also the most successful one. In many aspects, it's a revolutionary expansion. Northend, Arthas and heroic stories are still in a lot players' memory. It's the real classic and Blizzard is bringing this great expansion back.

PVPCART is ready to provide safe, reliable and affordable productions for WotLK Classic, so players can put more focus on raiding and enjoy this game.

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WoW classic gold is always the most important thing in-game. It's like the currency in real world, you can buy a lot of stuff with it, such as epic gears, materials, potions and even raid carry.

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Sometimes players find they can't get gears or items they need even they have enough gold. Especially when they are playing on low population realms. Item service is designed to meet their demand. We can transfer items from other realm to buyer's realm and deliver orders.

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Our WoW classic leveling is 100% done by hands, no bots involved. Our WoW Classic carry make it possible to raid with our elite team and boost your itemlevel.

WoW Classic Gold

WoW classic gold is the virtual currency which you can use it to buy many in game items such as weapons, gears, companions, pets, mounts and trade goods in World of Warcraft Classic The Wrath of the Lick King Expansion. PvPCart always manage to offer safe WoW WotLK gold at reasonable price. Players can buy WoW classic WotLK gold from PvPCart at affordable price, and receive the best purchase experience. WoW classic WotLK is very popular once it's launched, a lot new stuff have been added to this expansion, such as new talents, the first heroic class: Death Knight, new races. For more information about WoW WotLK, you can visit WOW WotLK News to see the most updated news of WoW Wrath of the Lich King.

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How To Buy WoW Classic Gold WotLK

Buying WoW Classic Gold WotLK is very easy, players visit our production page and choose the WoW classic gold WotLK amount they need. Then you can checkout as guest or member. Our site is always open, feel free to buy WoW classic WotLK gold and WoW classic gold any time.

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