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World of Warcraft is the most popular game even it's 19 years old. There're lots of classic raids, dungeons and funny quests in it. It still possess the largest number of subscribers in the world.
PVPCART aims to give players better gaming experience by releasing them from farming WoW gold, so they have more time to explore WoW. We always think players don't have to waste time on boring grinding.

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All WoW gold we sell is farmed by pure hands, no bots. We usually use our special auction house delivery for big amounts, our buyers are safe and relax when purchasing from PVPCART.

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We provide various items such as gears, weapons, rare pets, DIY profession kits, mounts, cool transmog suits, weird toys, materials. We can almost get anything as long as it's tradeable.

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Unlike some site which don't even have a raid team and just a third party reseller. We have our own team which are all elite players. They are very good at fast powerleveling, mythic plus dungeons (up to level 20), raid carry.

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Although players can follow quests, grinding mobs or farming by themselves to obtain WoW currency, all these activities cost a lot of time. The new expansion - Dragonflight has been alive on 11/28/2022, it means storing much WoW gold is very necessary. In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, it requires you spend much more time if you want to farm WoW gold all by yourself. PvPCart provide cheapest WoW gold so you can experience World of Warcraft without limitation.

Blizzard announce their own real money transaction plan: WoW Token in 2016, this system make it possible for buyers to buy and sell WoW gold retail, but the prices are quite expensive and the prices almost change every minute, it's impossible for you to get the best price. The toke is also untradeable, soulbound, and the ratio with money is ridiculous, you can't trade or resell once you buy it., on the other hand, provides WoW gold at the cheapest prices and all WoW gold is delivered in a safe, secure method. WoW gold retail price is always cheaper than the currency sold via WoW tokens in game, this is also our bottom line.

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All WoW gold we sell is farmed by our employees, it's totally safe, no bot gold, no hacked gold. Buying WoW gold from PvPCart, buyers have full control over WoW gold costs, safety.
Customer service is another advantage of PvPCart, you can join webchat on the head of our site whenever you need support, it's always online.

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Buying WoW gold retail from PvPCart, you don't have to worry about getting banned or scammed, 100% safe, risk free, we have details refund policy and the safest auction delivery method, 5% auction fee also covered.

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For WoW players who want to experience the old school style and back to Vanilla World of Warcraft, the good news is WoW Classic has launched on 09/27/2019. It's very popular and you almost have to queue to enter every realm, it indicates there's very high demand for WoW gold classic, you guys can buy WoW classic gold safely from PvPCart.

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