How to Buy WoW Gold Safely Without Getting Caught?

2020-02-27 19:29:31

Many players want to buy WoW gold but are afraid of getting banned, you can totally avoid this situation if you choose safe delivery method and trusted site.

What's the safest method to buy WoW gold?

The answer is buying WoW classic gold through auction house, also known as auction delivery. has been using auction delivery over 10 years, no ban case. It's safest for reasons below:

1, No in game connection. Unlike face to face trade and mail in game, buying gold via auction, you don't have to be in a group with farmers, you can avoid in game suspicious talk. Blizzard indeed check chatlog when they look into dubious transactions.

2, Auction house is official and legitimate, Blizzard charge 5% fee from every transaction. GMs are generally hands off when it comes to AH because it's a free market, players are free to post items at their own prices of choice and purchase them however they like. As long as the gold seller is experienced and professional, Auction method is risk free.

How to buy WoW gold via auction safely?

1, You must have a main (per our experience at least level 20) on the server which you plan to buy gold for. It's impossible for a player to acquire lots of gold without a main. We know and Blizzard know, Blizzard is very sensitive to transactions happen on new account. 

2, Posting safe items on AH. We recommend epic or at least rare quality items for AH delivery. Epic items can disguise the gold transactions very well, we've been using epic items over 10 years, no issue. If you sold a poor quality item (gray/white items) at abnormal high price on AH, it’s suspicious and might draw Blizzard's attention. is a very professional site: 

1, Our team always find suitable items for every buyer, tell them to set buyout prices and how many they should post. Auction method is complicated for new buyers, but it's so simple when they purchase from PVPCART, they will receive a straightaway plan via Email after place an order.

2, we never contact our buyers in game, all preparation for delivery are done out of game. We use email and our site to communicate with you, it leaves no evidence for Blizzard to track, our buyers and farmers are totally separated, no connection between them.

3, WoW classic gold we sell is farmed by our team, pure hand work. We are the producer, not reseller, so we can control the source of gold, no bot gold, no hacked gold, no duped gold here.

You can trust PVPCART and PVPCART can do it better
1, We have been in business over 10 years, the purchase experience on our site is very comfortable, our satisfactory rate is over 95%, we seldom get dispute and you can barely find any negative reviews about PVPCART on internet, you can google to testify.
2, PVPCART support PayPal. PayPal is well knonw for its perfect buyer protection system, we are confident with our services and productions, so PayPal is always our main pay method, nowadays few and few third party gold sites use PayPal as they get disputes frequently and lose their qualification of using PayPal.
3. PVPCART have a effecient and professional online support team, it's always online and they know WoW extremely well and ready to solve any of your problems, below is a screeshot of what our buyers say about us.
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