About Us

The PVPCART team consists of elite players like you. We really love WoW Classic, Retail and other MMO games, that’s why we decide to start PVPCART, a reputable, professional and Paypal Trusted game service store.


We have our own gold farming team, pure hand work, which means the gold you buy is 100% safe guaranteed, no bots, not hacking, no duped involved.

We have our own raid carry and boost team, you won’t be charged extra by those shops which are actually third-party resellers, no scam, no service delay here.

We have the best customer support team, you can reach us easily by Email, SMS and webchat, all human, we never leave our buyers chatting with bots, our webchat is always online when you need help.

We’re grateful to everyone who chooses our site, just send us an order and we will help you achieve your in-game goals!

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