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Many players buy WoW classic gold as it takes much time to farm or make gold from daily trading. Honestly, there is a chance to get suspended if you use not so safe delivery method or buy illegally obtained WoW gold. But if you choose a reliable site and they deliver gold via auction house carefully, it can be risk free.

How to buy WoW gold safely via auction buyout?

To buy WoW gold safe through auction house, you need to focus on a couple of things:

  • Buy legally obtained gold, farmed by hands.
  • Use epic items to post on auction house.
  • Avoid in game connection with farmers
  • List multi auctions, use different items.

Why is auction method the safest way to buy WoW gold?

1, Unlike other methods, auction delivery leaves no evidence in game for Blizzard to track. If you bought gold from, you must know we never contact buyers in game. We use Email to tell you what items you should post and how much you should set for each item. No in game connection at all.

2, Auction house is a free market, GMs (Game Master) are generally hands off it (Read our chat with Blizzard GM: ). There are two trade audit mechanisms in World of Warcraft: machine audit and human (GM) audit. We can draw a conclusion from previous talk that there is only machine audit when it comes to trade activities on auction house. So if we deliver gold through auction, we just need to make the auction system believe it is a normal transaction, then we can make sure gold buyers receive coins safely. It’s much easier than passing machine plus human (GM) audit.

3, High Itemlevel epic auction items make the transaction safest. It’s easy to learn from our previous chat with Blizzard GM that item prices are not fixed on auction house, players are free to post whatever prices they want, but epic items are more legit to auction system and safer. we suggest buyers to use epic quality items, if you are not good at selecting items, we will do that for you. Poor quality such as gray, white or green items and items can be bought from NPC (fixed prices) are not recommended.

Why you should choose PvPCart?

1, All gold we sell is farmed by pure hands, not bots. Legally obtained WoW gold is the foundation of safe gold purchasing. We are the producer, not reseller, we have our own team to farm for WoW retail, WoW WotLK Classic and TBC Classic. We can totally control the quality of our products. There are a lot resell sites in this market, their gold comes from different sources, farmers, bots, even hackers.

2, PvPCart always find suitable items for every buyer to post on AH, tell them to set buyout prices and how many they should post. AH charges 5% gold as fee, so we will calculate and make sure you get full amount of your order, It is so easy to purchase from PVPCART, they always receive a simple ,straightaway auction plan via Email shortly after checkout.

3, We do not spam or contact our buyers in game. Customers are mainly from search engine such as Google, Bing. Some are referred by our repeat buyers.

Guide for buying WoW gold through AH on

1, Please visit our site, select your game version (WoW Retail / WotLK Classic / TBC Classic also know as WoW Era 60), then choose gold amount and checkout.

2, After you pay successfully, representative will browse AH on your realm and find safe epic items for you, then we will write you an Email with safe epic items you should buy from AH and how much you should relist them for your order.

3, We confirm your auctions after you post them, then we will prepare for the delivery, you will get email notification after we buy them out.

4, Auction method is a little complicated for new buyers, they do not know what items to post and if they are safe. Our team is professional, we highly recommend you leave these jobs to us and you will get an unique auction plan via Email shortly after you checkout. Below is an Email sample.

Auction Plan for Order#* – PVPCART

Dear ***,

Thank you for your order.

Please buy Pattern: Lightning Grounded Boots (this is just a sample item) x4 from AH then relist for *** G buyout price and *** G Starting, duration max Each, you will get *** Gold after we complete your order, all cost covered.

Please join webchat or reply to this email if you need support.



Useful tools for buyers to create safe auctions DIY

For buyers who want to set up auctions by themselves, we have created below calculators. Buyers may use them to set up auctions before place an order. Then input your auction details in comments box on checkout page.

We’ll cover all cost in auction delivery (including 5% gold as Auction fee & the expense you buy auction items from AH). We have listed most cheap and safe epic items which you can obtain from AH on most realms, these items have been testified to be safe by our team and clients. When you mouseover below boxes in calculators, there are instructions for every step.

Take WotLK classic as an example, how many epic auctions you should post? (It is ok to use at least rare blue items in WoW TBC Era 60 as gold amount is usually small)

1, WoW WotLK Classic orders: (5000-10000 gold): 2-4 epic auctions will be safe enough.

2, WoW WotLK Classic orders: (15000-60000 gold): 7-10 epic auctions will be safe enough.

3, WoW WotLK Classic orders: (70000-150000 gold): 12-25 epic auctions will be safe enough.

4, WoW WotLK Classic orders: (160000-200000 gold): at least 30 epic auctions items

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Is it legal to buy WoW gold?

Honestly, buying WoW gold is against Blizzard Terms of Use (ToU), anyone who tell you it’s legitimate to buy gold from third party sites is a liar. But it doesn’t mean you can not buy gold, The most important thing you should care about is the gold you bought is legally obtained, farmed by hands, not bots, hacked, or duplicated from bugs. Those illegal gold will be definitely tracked by Blizzard, gold removal and your account suspended is the result if you bought it. These gold is usually abnormally cheap, the prices are much lower than average market prices.

Where can I buy WoW gold safely?

There are two sources of WoW gold in WoW Retail.

1, Blizzard: buy a WoW token from Blizzard Shop and sell it on AH for gold, it’s safest and legimate.
2, Third party sites: if you know a reliable site such as, always choose auction house delivery, it’s can be risk free

Players can only buy WoW gold from third party sites in WoW Seasonal of Mastery, WoW Classic Era 60 and WotLK Classic as there is no official way to obtain it, we highly recommend you choose those sites with long history, good reputation and supporting Paypal (it’s well known for its buyer protection)

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