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This is a guest post by Silvia Lau from Taiwan, our repeat buyer, who has started using PvPCart since Shadowlands and WoW Classic. Thank you for your article.

I am Silvia Lau, I have been playing WoW since Cataclysm. It is really difficult to find a safest way to buy WoW gold, I have almost tried all methods in the past few years. I even started a guild bank and told farmers to deposit gold in my bank, i got a half year suspension after several transactions and my guild was dismissed. I recently have read some buyers are boasting about how safe it is to use guild bank and burners to buy WoW gold on Reddit, i just want to write something to share my opinions, I appreciate PvPCart provide me a platform to publish my article!

Using a guild bank is not safe at all, the ban is just a matter of time, once caught, it might be permanent closure, (told by a GM when i tried to appeal my suspension), not just 2 weeks suspension, so think twice before doing it.

Blizzard will take you as a farmer if you use guild bank, that is exactly how farmers store gold, when gold deposit and withdraw frequently, and there are few accounts in your guild, it will draw blizzard’s attention, btw, when you invite a farmer to deposit gold, your guild is probably on Blizzard tracking list. None of guild members can escape when big ban (it happens every few months)

Some buyers think using burner to trade with farmers is safer, even burner gets caught, the main is fine. Naive, Blizzard analyze a lot factors, such as IP address, login computer, mac address, OS serial number and even your router and more unknown things, are you able to avoid burner and your main not share those factors? even you can, don’t you think using burner is just like trading with farmers directly? What is the difference?

I think buying gold via auction is reliable, I started to buy WoW gold since Cataclysm, at first mail gold, someday morning, blizzard removed gold I ordered last night and sent me a warning mail, then order gold face to face, another warning mail after a couple of purchases, this time Blizzard did not delete as I had already spent my gold. lol. Then I tried burner and guild bank, the situation was even worse, I got a half year Finally i decided to try Auction though its a little complicated for new fish. no issue, then switch to wow token, now i am buying from PvPCart again since there is no token in wow classic. but no issue with auction method.

If you want to buy gold via auction, you’d better prepare some epic items to post, you can’t throw a crappy white or gray item on AH. Blizzard is not stupid. gold source is important as well, obviously hand made gold is much safer than gold by bot, hacked gold or other illegally obtained gold.

Anyway, I’ve used dozens of different sites over the years and most are very shady, don’t reply to emails, take days to fill orders, and often just take your money. PvPCart has never taken more than a couple hours for anything I have ordered. They send updates through e-mail and text and actually personally respond to a couple of e-mails I have sent within an hour. They also have a pretty specialized auction house method of buying gold which makes it totally safe from blizzard, unlike mailing or trading gold directly. Very honest and nothing at all shady about this company. I’ve placed probably 60 orders with them and they have earned my trust. Highly recommended.

buy wow gold safe

By PVPCART, 10 Years Experience in Game Currency Trading, 10 Years No Ban Case, Trusted by Over 80,000 Loyal Customers, PayPal Global Partner.

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