Refund Policy

In case we do not fulfill a buyer's order in time or the buyer does not want to keep the order any more, the buyer can ask for a full or partial refund at any time. The refund will be issued immediately.
Please understand we do cherish your order but we also respect your decision. To get a refund on any qualifying products or service purchased directly from, simply send us an email with the demand for a refund by the registered email address on our website, and we will promptly refund the balance of your order to your original account.
Please send an email to (our billing email) or contact our 24/7 LiveHelp with your requirement. We will check your order as soon as we get your request and reply you within 15 minutes.
The refund will be instantly finished at PVPCART. 
For detailed time frame, please check the following instructions:
1. PayPal Account Payment: The fund will be back to your Paypal account instantly once we issue full refund on PVPCART (Usually only takes 3-5 mins for the fund to display on your Paypal account)
2. Credit Card through Paypal or Airwallex: It takes 1-3 workdays for Paypal and your bank to process it, the fund will display on your card statement in 1-3 workdays after we issue it on PVPCART

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