Is It Safe to Buy WoW Classic Gold?

2020-02-04 01:11:56

Most players really don’t want to waste time on farming and tend to buy WoW classic gold, but are really worried about their account safety when purchasing from third party site which sell coins. Below are the questions frequently being asked.

Will Blizzard suspend or ban my account?

Can I trust the third party sites, will i get scammed?

Is it safe to buy WoW classic gold?

PVPCART will remove all your doubts.

Will Blizzard Suspend or Ban My Account for Buying WoW Classic Gold?

Game gold transactions are very common in every MMORPG, most buyers are purchasing from third party store specially WoW classic. Honestly no site can guarantee their transactions are 100% safe or risk free, but PVPCART manage to protect our gold buyers from being banned as all our coins are farmed by pure hands, not bots, almost 100% safe auction method.

It’s necessary to use safer delivery method to ensure buying WoW classic gold smoothly. We highly recommend auction buyout method or known as through AH, it’s much safer than face to face trade and mail in game. For example, if you ordered some coins via instant delivery, farmers need to talk with you or invite you to a group, and then come to you and hand the gold over. More or less, you will have some connections with farmers.

To ensure your account's security, after you receive gold from gold sites, please avoid talking about buying gold in your guild or raid group, sharing in facebook or other social networks, even your friends. Sometimes, they might think it’s against terms of user and they are responsible for reporting illegal activities

Before you purchase gold for WoW classic, Be careful and try to avoid buying from scammers (players or sites), so choosing a reliable gold store is very important.

How to Choose a Reliable WoW Classic Gold Site Without Being Scammed?
1. Good Reputation and Rich Experience is the key point
2. Safe Delivery Method (Such as auction)
3. Reasonable Prices (sometimes you can Google or check online support for discount code)
4. The Site Must Have a Refund Policy

If you are too busy to run dungeons or follow up quests, you can buy WoW classic gold from a third party. PVPCART is probably your best choice, as it is cited as the Best Place to Buy WoW classic gold by many players, so you can order coins from here with no worries.

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