What you should NOT do after buying WoW Classic Gold

2019-12-20 19:46:20

A lot WoW classic players are either not interested in farming gold or don’t have enough time to do that, so many gold trading sites are living on selling gold to them. But Blizzard is not friendly to real money trading, some inappropriate behaviors can lead account being investigated, be careful with below warnings and you will enjoy safe gold without hassle.

1, Try NOT to talk about your gold purchase ingame
Some players like to share their gold site in guild chat channel, if all guildies are your friends, it might be ok. If there’s one, just one member who is jealous of you, this might be risky. Because he will probably report you, if he wrote a ticket, then blizzard must look into your account. 

2, Try NOT to gift/share big amount of gold with friends
Classic gold sellers can trade gold with you and avoid being caught by Blizzard because they are professional and know how it works, but if you gifted your bought gold to friends a lot times, it might trigger blizzard’s tracking system and they might take you as a gold seller (because you are trading gold, system know nothing about your friendship), it will lead to permanent ban. If your friend needs gold, just tell him to order from third party site, it’s much safer than sharing gold with him. In a word, try to avoid any unnecessary gold transactions.

3, Try NOT to create many accounts and Trade gold among them
Per our experience, Blizzard is more sensitive to computers which have more 3 account’s log records. Why? Because most farmers tend to use several accounts to farm on one computer, one is herbing while the other is skinning etc. So Blizzard tracks these computers strictly, if you have bought gold for one of your accounts, then trade gold to another account, its dangerous and will definitely increase the chance of being investigated.

All in all, wish you all buy wow classic gold safely and enjoy new WotLK content!

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