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Many buyers are curious that PvPCart never spam or advertise in game, we don’t even do Email marketing, we seldom contact our customers except there are active orders, but they keep coming back and buy WoW gold freqently, they like our business style and enjoy benefits from purchasing on PvPCart.

Fast. Lightning Fast

No one delivers faster. Not only because we have our own elite WoW gold and WoW Classic gold faming team, but also we have long-term relationships with the largest, best and most professional WoW gold producing companies in the industry mean you receive your order as quickly as possible. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Unlike most virtual currency and wow gold sellers, a major portion of our supply comes from our own WoW gold farming team, we have farmers on every realm. The currency we provide is a robust and important part of the normal game economy. It helps to stabilize prices, reduces the harmful effects of unscrupulous foreign farmers, and helps ensure the availability of currency across all servers. If you need FFXI Gil, Warcraft gold, Warhammer gold, or Aion kinah, PvPcart can also delivers the virtual currency you need!

Low Prices

Shop now and enjoy PvPCart savings today! Prices are updated continuously. We are the WoW gold producer not reseller and pass the savings to you!

Safe and Guaranteed

No runaround, no false promises. PvPCart proudly offers a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If, at any time prior to delivery, you want your money back for any reason, we will refund it. All you have to do is send Email to, And for your safety and peace of mind, we clearly state our terms of service and privacy policy below. We operate a highly dependable service and have the track record to prove it! We want your business and we are prepared to earn it!

No SPAM! Go Green!

We don’t spam. Period. It’s bad for the games, it’s rude, and it’s illegal. Please do your part. If you are spammed in-game or out, please report it immediately. Let’s work together to stamp out unsavory business practices!

We may play in cyberspace, but like you, we live on Earth. We take our responsibility to provide a high quality, low impact work environment very seriously.

We make every effort to use recycled materials and to purchase energy produced using clean, renewable resources like wind and solar. We believe that real money trade is one of the first successful examples of people working in cyberspace, something that will become prevalent over the next several decades, and which is, by its very nature, green.

By PVPCART, 10 Years Experience in Game Currency Trading, 10 Years No Ban Case, Trusted by Over 80,000 Loyal Customers, PayPal Global Partner.

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