[Deliveries] Tips for Buyers Who Want to Use Auction Delivery

2019-10-05 23:40:59

Auction house delivery is available for WoW gold transactions (including WoW retail, WoW 60 Era & SOM and WoW WotLK). It's known as the safest delivery method in this market.
Most new buyers don't know how to select suitable safe auction items, how many items they should post and what price they should set since AH cut 5% gold as fee. We know this is painful for new buyers, so we will do all the works for you, our professional team will select items for your order, you will receive an Email with unique auction plan shortly after checkout, you simply buy items and post them on AH with correct prices per instruction. very easy. 
We have also created a blog to introduce auction delivery, there are useful tools for buyers who want to set up auctions by themselves.

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